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Department #3 Cochabamba

This department is very dear to me as I spent six months here back in 2017. I had a blast and hopefully after reading this it will give you a better understanding of the department of Cochabamba.

The estimated population of the department is 1,758,143. Close to a million of those would live in the city of Cochabamba. The name Cochabamba derives from Quechua which was a common language among the Inca's. The city of Cochabamba is known as the “City of Eternal Spring” and “The Garden City” because of its spring like temperatures all year round. It's mild climate permits extensive agriculture such as; coffee, cocoa beans, potatoes, grains, sugar cane, tobacco, fruit, and coca leaves.

This department is known for its giant Jesus statue and the temple of the virgin of Urkupiña. The hike up to the Jesus statue is a tourist attraction and helps you get a great view over the city. Every year they have a big celebration where half a million people head to a city called Quillacollo where the temple of the virgin is. It's sad to see how false religion has such a big impact on the peoples lives there.

Despite all those who are religious, but lost God is doing a work there through the White family who are missionaries there. They have started 3 churches and have the Gospel going forth throughout the city of Cochabamba. Please be in prayer for the ministry in Cochabamba and that people would be reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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